Satsang means “Meeting in Truth” in Sanskrit.

It is a meeting in which teacher and practitioners realize and rest as ultimate Truth - the True Self experiencing itself in its own eternal and infinite Display. 

In an ultimate sense, Satsang is about realizing our True Self. Anandamali’s major pointing in this sense is that you are already the Peace, Love, Bliss, Wisdom and Freedom that you are seeking. In his Satsang, Anandamali helps practitioners end seeking, transcend their mind-body-soul and realize Spirit as the core of their own being and the core of all Reality.

In a more relative sense – and that happens often in a contemporary setting – many practitioners come to Satsang to get clarity about their lives, to get support with whatever they are dealing with, to be seen and understood, to feel the power, warmth and wisdom of the Sangha we-space, or just to get a hug from warm and loving people. 

Anandamali’s Satsang starts with guided meditation followed by a talk and group inquiry. Practitioners are welcome to actively participate in the event or just observe and deeply listen.