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Private Sessions

Anandamali offers private sessions to both clients and students.

Clients are usually interested in bringing spiritual perspective and various spiritual practices into their wellbeing. Students are interested in exploring the depths of their own being and realizing their True Self.

With both groups Anandamali uses the spectrum of True and Full Self. Some of the practices and activities that may be used (but not limited to) are: 

  • (re)creating a healthy ego 

  • seeing through the structure and limitations of ego, 

  • working through various obstacles which prevent wellbeing and spiritual awakening, 

  • enlightening the mind by deepening and widening one’s perspective and developing one’s worldview,

  • improving emotional and social intelligence

  • studying the map and navigating the territory of transformation and human potential and growth,

  • getting in touch with one’s soul,

  • finding one’s soul’s purpose, 

  • helping the soul accomplish it’s mission to merge with the Divine

  • developing witnessing consciousness

  • resting as pure Presence

  • expressing awakening moment-to-moment. 

Various practices for body, mind, soul and spirit may be used in the process.

Anandamali offers private sessions in person, via phone and Skype.
He lives in Santa Cruz, CA.