In terms of spirituality we live in incredible times. Both the teachings of the ancient spiritual traditions and the achievements of modern and contemporary world are available to us. One just has to be skillful and mindful in navigating the contemporary spiritual scene.

Two Selves

The best starting point in contemporary spirituality is acknowledging the fullness and completeness of our own being. Many teachings in the West point to our frontal self, our personality, our separate self. On the other hand, spiritual traditions both East and West reveal to us our deeper Self, our soul and our True Self. Both our frontal and our deeper self are important and should be included in our spiritual growth.

Two Streams

Contemporary spiritual practitioners have at their disposal two spiritual streams and something like that has never existed before on this planet. First, all the ancient spiritual traditions are available to us today. One can easily practice or combine Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, etc, in the present day world. Second, one can also utilize the legacy of the modern and contemporary world. We are all invited to use psychology, science and technology, individual freedom, pop culture, the legacy of the 60’s for our spiritual growth. In order to navigate the complexity of the two streams, it is advised to work with qualified spiritual teachers and be involved with supportive spiritual groups.

Being Fully Yourself

So if we combine the growth of our two selves and utilize both spiritual streams available to us today, we get the ultimate spiritual teaching of our time: Being Fully YourSelf. Being your Self means being unique in your individuality and simultaneously one with the Source. And to be Fully Yourself is to be this Self while engaging with the world though relationships, politics, environmentalism, spirituality, etc, and offering your gifts. Join this incredible cosmic event.

3 Steps to Balance


People practice spirituality for various reasons: to feel better, to address certain physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual issues, to be better persons, to better serve the world, to get enlightened, etc. Aligning with your aspiration will deepen your practice and fasten your spiritual growth.

Step 1: Define Your Aspiration

Be clear, honest and realistic about what you aspire from your practice. What do you want to accomplish spiritually? What does your Heart want? How much time, energy and money are you ready to invest into your spiritual growth? How are others included into your aspiration? Define your aspiration mentally, emotionally and energetically. You will discover that spiritual aspiration change, grow and deepen over time.

Step 2: Bring Aspiration Into Your Spiritual Practice

Bringing your aspiration to your practice brings a special quality to your practice. Now you know why you are practicing. Having a goal sharpens your energy to practice. Aspiration also brings more inspiration to practice. Remind yourself of your aspiration before, during and after practice. Feel it in your body. Let it connect your body, mind and soul and release you into Spirit.

Step 3: Live Your Aspiration

In spirituality the best way to know, accomplish, or master something is simply to live it and be it. In the morning, remind yourself of your aspiration, feel it fully, breathe it, live it. Throughout the day, walk with it, eat with it, make love with it, fall asleep with it. By fully embodying your aspiration you transform your life, lives of others and the world. The unity of aspiration, practice and life is the best foundation for our spiritual growth.

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