Anandamali is a contemporary spiritual teacher and philosopher. Born in Serbia, living in Santa Cruz, CA and teaching worldwide, he uses traditional and contemporary skillful means to awaken both our spirits and our minds. Anandamali’s main pointing is that you are already the Peace, Love, Bliss, Wisdom and Freedom that you are seeking. Anandamali draws from various spiritual traditions East and West, legacies of modernity and postmodernity and the new emerging integral worldview.

In 2010 Anandamali met his root teacher, Mokshananda, with whom he had an awakening at a Satsang in 2011. In June 2013 Mokshanada invited Anandamali to teach. Mokshananda was invited to teach by his teacher Adyashanti in 1999.

Anandamali brings more than a decade of experience of teaching as a university professor and spiritual teacher. He helped thousands of individuals find meaning and purpose, connect with their soul and realize their True Self. As a university professor, Anandamali taught at University of South Carolina, Ottawa University and University of California, Santa Cruz. As a spiritual teacher, Anandamali teaches worldwide both in person and online.

In his public meetings and private sessions Anandamali uses the spectrum of True and Full Self (ego, soul, Witness, nondual Presence and its' corresponding worldspaces) and points to both enlightenment of spirit and enlightenment of mind. 

In addition to his presence moment-to-moment, Anandamali offers satsang, talks, workshops, retreats and private sessions. Anandamali lives in Santa Cruz, CA.